Saturday, 4 April 2009

Failed on the Bridgewater

Tried the Bridgewater once again, but failed badly.Tried all the usual spots where I've had fish previously but not a touch, ziltch, nothing.
There was alot of boat movement maybe that had a bearing, cutting down the visability, and there was alot of floating rubbish in the canal.
The weather was in and out, sunny then cloudy with a strong gusty north westerly wind
I tried some of the Pike Flies I bought years ago, I fixed them to meps, although I had no luck today, I think they will work
Saw some very nice boats, one had a traditional engine, sounded lovely.
Back home by 1800

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Christened My new Rod

Took another trip to the Bridgewater Canal this evening and christened my new rod,with 2 pike, both caught using an Abu Garcia 35g Atom Spoon. I also lost one, which looked to be a decent fish.
The weather was warm and sunny with a slight breeze.
Both fish, and the one I lost were caught early in the session, which seems to back up the theory that the afternoon is the best time for Pike.
Saw a couple of unusual sights on the canal, and I think they were linked. First I saw a dead Dog in the Canal with both it's front legs tied, it looked like one of those fighting dogs, it's face was very scarred. Then a mile or so further up the canal I saw a dead Badger floating in the water, most unusual.