Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Freezing Day at Rixton

Over the years I've been fishing I've never had a colder more miserable day than I had yesterday. My wife dropped me off at 07.30, I got my favourite peg, no other bugger was daft enough to be there, the only problem was, my wife was going out for the day so I had to stay till she picked me up, which turned out to be 20.30.
By 09.00 I was shivering, the wind was cutting right through me, it didn't help that the fish didn't want to play either, it took till almost 10.00 till I landed my first skimmer of the day, caught on 6mm pellet. After sticking with pellet for 3 hours I switched to maggot, and the bites came thick and fast. I caught steadily for the rest of the day despite the conditions which included wind hail and torrential rain followed by thunder and lightning.
The highlight of a very bad day was a beautiful Roach of a pound in weight. I've still not seen a Tench this year at Rixton, but the weather has been strange, short warm periods followed by arctic blasts.
To make a miserable day worse, when I was cooking some Sausages I knocked the bloody pan over, dropping the Sausaged into some mud! so no tea either!

Monday, 9 April 2012

Having a Long Day at Rixton Tomorrow

I'm having a long day at Rixton Tomorrow. The weather is not looking good,just hope it's not as wet as today. I hope the Tench have come on the feed at last. I'll have a go for the Pike as well!