Monday, 28 November 2011

River Mersey Pike

After talking to the owners of Cheshire Angling and one of the chaps at the "Pike Teach in" on Sunday, I'm thinking of having a try on the Mersey at Woolston Weir for the Pike. Speaking to chap at the "Pike Teach in", he was saying you only have to fish close to the bank, fishing hard on the bottom.
One problem I have is that I'm not a fan of "big rivers", the Mersey is a big river! so I'll have to try and adapt to it.
If the weather is not to bad on Saturday I'll have a walk down with a rod and give it a try, maybe have a chat with any other Anglers on the bank.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Pike Teach In and Rixton

Very cold and a strong wind today.
Started of at the Pike Teach In on the Bridgewater Canal, the weather was awful, strong wind and brief heavy showers, stayed for an hour, picked up some tips on tactics.
Went on to Rixton Clay Pits where, if anything the wind was worse, the trees were bent double, at least the rain showers had passed.
Started off fishing the same peg as last week. Fished a float fished Smelt,after an hour my bait was taken, after a brief fight I landed a Pike of 3lb.

After another hour in the same peg I moved to next peg along which gave a little more shelter from the wind. This peg will be very nice to fish next spring, with plenty features to fish too.
Thats four weekends on the run I've managed a session, it cant last much longer, if I can get out next weekend it will be on Saturday as I'm working next Sunday.
This was the first time this year I wore my Thermal Boots, I'm so glad I did, my feet were the only part of me that stayed warm.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Cheshire Angling

Just been to Cheshire Angling, what a smashing shop,very nice owners. The tackle I wanted was quite a lot cheaper than in the other two local fishing tackle shops,I'll be going there again. Got lots of useful information, the owner was telling me about the Pike Fishing in the River Mersey at Woolston Weir, might give it a try in the near future.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Pike "Teach In" On The Bridgewater Canal

The Pike Teach in is on this Sunday, Just had a reply from my enquiry to the website forum.
So it's the Bridgewater for me this Sunday.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Don't think the Pike Teach In, is Happening, so it's Rixton Again this Weekend

Just looked on the Warrington web site under Franks Column, there's no mention of the Pike Teach In on the Bridgewater Canal this Sunday, so it's back to Rixton Clay Pits for another try for the Pike!

Monday, 21 November 2011

Bought More Bait and Replaced a Lost Float

Called in Baileys on the way home tonight, bought some smelt and a new Pike Flaot.
Looking forward to the "Pike Teach In" this weekend on the Bridgewater Canal.
I'll try and get a couple of hours "in" after the "Teach In", as I'll be on the Bridgewater, I think I'll have a try at Lloyds Bridge close to the moored boats

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Cleaning My Gear After Rixton Yesterday

Just spent an Hour cleaning my tackle and Boots after my adventures at Rixton Clay Pits yesterday.
I fished one of the "unmade" pegs, I, and all my gear got covered in mud. It's a smashing fishery, but all it takes is a little rain,because it was a Clay Pit, the mud is Clay based and it's messy!
Here's a photo of my boots, to show how muddy it gets!

My box, my rod and Landing Net were just as muddy.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Sucess At Rixton

Caught another Pike at Rixton today. I was on the next peg down from where I usually fish.
I used Float Fished Smelt as bait.

It was a cold day. I intended to use a roving approach, but once I settled into the peg I caught on I didn't fancy moving.
The peg I fished was very muddy, so all my gear is covered in mud, I'll have to clean it up tomorrow.
The fish I caught weighed between 3&4lbs, it has beautiful markings on it's tail and fins.
Lost another bloody float, got to improve my Casting!
The Clay Pits are looking beautiful at the moment.

Apart from 3 other anglers I had the place to myself.Thats three good wekends on the run I managed to get out for a few hours, which is great for November,it can't last much longer!

Friday, 18 November 2011

Bought My Bait and Made Some Traces So I'm Ready For Tomorrow

Picked up some Sprats and some Smelt plus some bullet weights on the way home from work. I've Made a couple of Traces, so I'm ready for tomorrow.
I'm going to try the "roving approach", I'll spend half an hour in each swim, then move on. See how this tactic works.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

New Gear Arrived Today

My new stove arrived from Go Outdoors today good service I only ordered It on Saturday, also bought three Drennen Pike floats, cheaper than the Fox ones I bought on Friday.
Orderd my New Landing Net today gone for the Fox Speedflow Compact, bought it from Dave's of Middlewich. Should arrive by the middle of December, not in stock at the moment.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Pike Fishing Canals

Just been reading the Warrington Anglers Forum on Pike Fishing the Bridgewater Canal,the general feeling is, in the winter, the Pike 'lay up' under the boats, so a tight cast to the boats is essential, as close as two feet from the boats is recomended.
There are lots of comments on how good Agden, on the Bridgewater Canal is. My only problem with fishing at Agden is, you're very exposed to the wind, it gets very cold, but it might be worth a try.

Pike Teach 'In' on the Bridgewater Canal

Theres a Pike 'teach in' on the Bridgewater Canal on Sunday 27 November, I'll go to that, might pick up some hints on Pike Fishing Canals, went to one years ago at Moore Quarry, found it useful. The session is run by the Pike Angling Club.

New Landing Net Speedflow Compact

Have seen this Landing Net it's a Fox Speedflow Compact, not sure how much it is but it's a Fox Product so it wont be cheap

Roving Approach

Been thinking about yesterday at Rixton, I think one of the mistakes I made was staying in the one peg too long. I think I should have moved on after half an hour or so. I think thats what I'll do next time. I will cover more water and more likley Pike holding spots.
I'll have make sure my gear is as light as posible and I'll carry only what I need to keep the weight down as much as posible.

Predator Plus

Put a post on the Maggotdrowners Forum, regarding Attractants, mixed replies, but a couple of the replys mentioned Predator Plus.

I think you inject the Predator Plus into the Baits before freezing, and a quick brush on the outside before casting would'nt do any harm. I'll give it a try, see how I get on!

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Different Tactics

As the weather gets colder, things will slow down, so I'm going to try using an attractant. before I cast the baits in, I'm going to paint them with a Salmon oil, this should put a smell in to the water and with luck bring the Pike "in"

Failed at Rixton

Failed Today At Rixton. The Conditions were very bright and clear with hardly any breeze. Used the same tactics as last week, fishing the same peg.
I had one take, close in. I saw a Pike strike, so I cast at it, the take was instant, I gave it my standard 5 seconds, picked the rod up to strike, but the fish had let go! That was the end of the action.
The worste part of the day was loosing two floats, at nearly £3.00 ago thats a bit expensive!
Thinking about why I didn't catch, the Bait I was using wasn't the best quality, and the weather conditions weren't brilliant for Pike fishing. The main reason I think why I didn't catch was I wasn't wearing my lucky cap!
The day wasnt totally wasted, as the fishing was, at best slow, I decided to try some of the special effects on my camera on my phone see below.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Price of Tackle

Just bought one Float and a pack of No8 Trebbles, came to just under £7.00. I must be behind to times with the cost of things.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Going to Rixton Again this Saturday To Try For The Pike

Going to give it another go at Rixton this Saturday, Going to try for the Pike Again.
Just set up a My small Shakespeare seat box as a Pike Dead Bait Box. Found my old Alvey centre Pin Real I used to use for Pike Fishing, not used it for years, might give it a try this weekend.
I need a couple more Pike Floats, I'll call in at Baileys on the way on Saturday.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

My Plan for Pike at Rixton Worked

My plan for Pike from Rixton from earlier this year was put into practice this afternoon.
I used Float fished Sprats (bought from Warrington Market yeaterday, £1.00 for half a pound). I fished close in to the margins, after a couple of hours my float started to run across the water, I gave it 5 seconds then struck and I was "on".
It's been ages since I float fished Dead Baits and seeing the float slide away was as big a thrill as it always was.
The pike weighed aproximatley 5 lb, it was as long as the baby changing mat I was using as an unhooking mat.
There was hardley any other anglers on the Clay Pits today, it was a beautiful bright still day, not the best conditions for Pike, but half the pleasure of a session is just "being there" and it could'nt have been better.

Sorry about the quality of the Pictures they were taken on my Mobile Phone and the Light was poor

Saturday, 5 November 2011

At Last, A Couple of Hours on Rixton Tomorrow!

Off to Rixton tomorrow, cant remember the last time I got out. I'm going to have ago for the Pike. I've never seen any big Pike in Rixton, but I've seen, and even caught one of the Jack's.
It'l be nice just to get out and wet a line. I'll not be out long 3 or 4 hous should be enough this time of year, the old bones feel the cold these days!