Sunday, 27 November 2011

Pike Teach In and Rixton

Very cold and a strong wind today.
Started of at the Pike Teach In on the Bridgewater Canal, the weather was awful, strong wind and brief heavy showers, stayed for an hour, picked up some tips on tactics.
Went on to Rixton Clay Pits where, if anything the wind was worse, the trees were bent double, at least the rain showers had passed.
Started off fishing the same peg as last week. Fished a float fished Smelt,after an hour my bait was taken, after a brief fight I landed a Pike of 3lb.

After another hour in the same peg I moved to next peg along which gave a little more shelter from the wind. This peg will be very nice to fish next spring, with plenty features to fish too.
Thats four weekends on the run I've managed a session, it cant last much longer, if I can get out next weekend it will be on Saturday as I'm working next Sunday.
This was the first time this year I wore my Thermal Boots, I'm so glad I did, my feet were the only part of me that stayed warm.

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