Saturday, 15 September 2012

Afternoon and Evening Session Ay Cicly Mill

Had a six hour session at Cicly Mill yesterday, the conditions were poor, a very strong wind with occasional heavy downpours.
I used my pole attempting to build up a good weight of fish, I wasn't disappointed, I must have landed almost Fifty small Roach with two small Perch thrown in for good measure.
I was hoping to hit a Pike or two, but saw no sign of any Pike attacks.
I had the mill to myself for most of my session, it's always a pleasure to fish the Mill, although the weather was against me I still enjoyed myself.
Once again during a break from the fishing I fed the horses who put in an appearance.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Having a try for the Cicly Mill Pike

I have another early finish next Friday so I'm going to visit Cicly Mill to have a go for the Pike.
When I was there yesterday I saw what looked like a number of Pike attacks, which sent the prey fish leaping clear of the water.
I'll take my pole as well, to try to build a decent weight of fish.

Cicly Mill 7 September

Had a six hour session at Cicly Mill yesterday from 2 p.m. onwards. Fishing was was very poor, everything looked right,it was nicely overcast, fairly humid with very little breeze, but for some reason the fish weren't playing at all.
As it was early Autumn, traditionally a time of plenty,I'd been optimistic of plenty of sport, thinking today, would be a day of none stop fish. I was hoping for a 'day of plenty' this would help dispel the dark thoughts of the oncoming Winter
Speaking to Angler next to me, he said the morning session had been good, he had 12 Crusian Carp but from 1 p.m. it had 'gone off', such is fishing. Another Angler, fishing an early morning session had caught the 'Big One', a Common Carp of 31 Pounds
All through my session, a couple of Large Carp had been 'cruising' up and down the lake, their backs clearly visible in the shallow water.
Through out the session there was a strange 'melancholic' feel to the lake, never experienced that feeling before at the Mill.
Around about six p.m. I began to think it would take a 'Lazarus' like resurrection to bring the fish back on to the feed, normally at this time of the year, this is the time, when the lake would come to life, fish feeding bubbles would be visible, fish, 'topping' would be clearly visible, but it just didn't happen
I used a feeder approach, using a mixture of Sweetcorn, Fishmeal Pellets,Boilies and Luncheon Meat, nothing worked until around 7p.m. when my tip flew round, I was connected to beautiful Crusian Carp of around Two Pounds, Crusians put up a spirited fight for such a small fish. I was delighted, as it was my first Crusian for almost 3 years, they rearly are a splendid fish!
That was the end of the fish for the day, as I'd had an early finish from work it was a very pleasant way to spend a Friday afternoon/evening, even though sport had been poor!
The highlights of the day must have to thousands of Dragon Flies all round the lake, there was Blue, Red, Green and Brown ones, of all different sizes and shapes. I also made friends with a couple of horses in the field behind my peg, I ended up sharing my biscuits with them.

Friendly Hungry Horse
The Mill was looking Beautiful today, as it always does.
Calm Surface of the Lake

View Across the Lake

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Afternoon and Evening Session at Cicly Mill Tomorrow

I have an early finish tomorrow so I'm making the most of the good weather and having an afternoon and evening session.
I'll target the Bream at first but as the light begins to go I'll have a try for the Tench. I'll be using my Telescopic Feeder Rod with a Groundbait Feeder and a Hair Rig set up. It would be nice to hit a Crusian Carp as I've not had one for a couple of years.
This be only my second visit to Cicly Mill this year as I've been concentrating on Rixton Clay Pits for most of the year.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Autumn Arrives

September has arrived and it's time to go back to work, would you believe it the weather for this coming week is excellent, just typical I've had three weeks off work, with rain most days, I now have to go back to work and the weather picks up. This summer according to all the experts has been the worst since records began. We managed only four days camping this summer and we had rain during those days. The weather caused me to stay off the rivers apart from one visit to the Bollin.
I'm going to Cicly Mill on Friday, I have an early finish so I can get a good six hour session in, I'm hoping to connect with the Tench and with luck some of the Crusian Carp Cicly Mill is famous for.
This could well be my last try for the Tench as the nights are drawing in fast now, September is a strange month, the weather can be good but it can also be very wet and cold. By the end of September an after work session is out of the question.
With the oncoming Autumn my mind is shifting towards the Pike season, I'm going to give the Bridgewater some serious attention, following the recommendations from the Warrington Anglers web site.
I'm hoping to try for Pike in Grey Mist Mere, which by all accounts are BIG!
This early part of the year I've concentrated on Rixton Clay Pits, which I've been successful in landing some very good Skimmers and a few nice Tench, including my personal best, a Tench of six pounds. The Skimmmers came on to the feed in March and have kept going all through the summer, bad as it was.
Lets see what the next four months hold in store for me, before the Winter lay off.
I hope all of you reading this had a good sumer and caught some nice fish!

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Eight hour Session at Rixton

Had a long session at Rixton today, starting around lunch time through till 20.30, the weather alternated between threatening clouds and bright sunshine, although the temperature was very disappointing.
Sport was slow in starting, but once again the ever dependable Skimmers saved the day. It took till around 2pm before I caught my first fish, my casting was all over the place today so I was scattering goundbait all over instead of concentrating it in one small area. Just couldn't concentrate today.
There was little evidence of the Tench feeding during the day
Up to the end of the session I caught Five Skimmers all around One Pound. As the light began to go the Tench began to come on the feed, at eight o'clock I hit in to a good tench of around three pounds, which was a good end to the session.
I saw the usual array of wildlife for which Rixton is rightly famous, Kingfishers, herons and a huge Rat.
Rixton Looking Beautiful

My one and only Tench

A Nice Skimmer

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Three Afternoon & Evening Sessions at Rixton, With Rain and More Rain

Spent Saturday, Sunday & Monday Afternoon and early evenings at Rixton, the conditions on all three days were appalling, never have I fished in August in such heavy and continuous rain, the Clay Pits were a quagmire, all my gear was filthy, and I do mean filthy. I had to completely wash everything I took with me before putting it away.
On the positive side the fishing was good, I caught some nice Skimmers of over a pound in weight, but more importantly I managed to catch a Tench on each visit, Including my biggest ever Tench of six pounds.
I used a Hair Rig set up using Sweet Corn, Spam and Fish meal pellets, this set up seems to be the definitive set up on Rixton. I managed to keep my casting fairly accurate so my groundbait was kept to small area thus concentracing the fish in a smaller area.
All the Tench were caught in the last hour of each visit, just as darkness was falling, I'd forgotten just how powerful a fight they put up, my Telescopic Feeder Rod was bent double, it felt wonderful fighting with my favourite summer species.
The tench I caught tonight had the most awful growths on it's head, to be honest it looked like the Elephant man, I was in two minds weather to knock it on the head but it was feeding so it cant have been too ill, it put up a splendid fight!
As I'm off for the next week I'll have a couple more sessions before I return to work, I had hoped to get on the Bollin, but in these weather conditions it would have been unfishable.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Rixton Tench,Afternoon & Evening Session

Had a very good session at Rixton Yesterday, the weather was windy but it was a very mild wind. There was varying amounts of cloud.
I began around 2pm, using my Browning Ambition Telescopic Feeder Rod with a hair rig set up, alternating between Pellet, Sweetcorn and Luncheon Meat. The first bite wasn't long in coming, once again, it was one of the what seems like thousands of Skimmers Rixton is full of! I continued to make contact with the Skimmers for the rest of the afternoon, sport was steady throughout the day, with periods of inactivity.
Obviously I was hoping to make contact with the Tench ,which Rixton is famous for, I'd all but given up hope of one of the mythical Tench when around 6pm my tip flew round, how I missed it I don't know, but miss it I did, it must have been a Tench. Although a missed bite is annoying it does fill you with confidence, so I decided to stick it out till dark.
I was fishing my favourite peg on the opposite side to the car park facing the large bed of Lilly's I noticed as time crept on and darkness was closing in, definite signs of feeding Tench, so I concentrated on my casting trying to keep it as accurate as I could, concentrating on a definite area.
At 8.30 my tip flew round, I was on, there's no mistaking a Tench, the fight was powerful and long, a couple of times I thought the Tench would get to the overhanging bushes and smash me but I managed to slip the net under it, I'd done it, my first Tench for over 18 months.
Once I'd unhooked the fish and released it, as quick as I could I re-cast to the same spot, as soon as I put my rod down the tip flew round, I was in to another one, if anything this Tench fought harder and longer but I managed to persuade the fish to see things my way, gently slipping the net under what must be my second favourite fish, the Pike being my first, but defiantly my favourite Summer species.
These two Tench were the biggest fish I'd landed on my telescopic feeder rod, I was pleased the way the rod felt and handled the fish.
See below for a rather poor photo of one of the Tench.

Monday, 30 July 2012

More visits to the Bollin Planned

After Saturdays visit to the Bollin I'm planning a few more visits, so because where I was fishing was a little uncomfortable, I'm going to dig myself a peg, I'll trim a few overhanging branches, then I'll be able to get myself set up for a nice long session.
Next time I go I'll take a ledger rod with me and my small folding seat. I've been reading reports from the fishing forums, there are reports of good sized Brown Trout and reasonable Chub and Dace not to mention the odd Pike. As the river is not too far from home and not often fished, I could have a little Gem all to myself!

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Once again the weather has changed

Around a week ago it looked as if the weather had changed, it looked as though summer had arrived at last. The experts were saying the Jet Stream had moved further north, meaning we would have a more normal summer. The improved weather lasted a week, it's now back to the way it was all through June and July. The long range weather forecast for August is appalling. I think this is having  massive effect on fishing for this year, I've been to places where I would expect to catch but I've failed for no apparent reason, lets hope the Autumn Pike season is a good one or this year will be the worst in my Angling Journey.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Nothing doing on the Bollin

Went to the river Bollin for the first time in years today, the river had changed so much since I last fished it, the sandy bank I used to fish from has been washed away. Access down to river is all but impossible, when I first arrived I had a walk along the bank looking for a place to fish from, I was on the point of giving up and going home when I noticed a pathway through the trees, I followed the path and came a little spot with reasonable access in to the river.
I set up my 13 ft John Wilson Trotting rod with my Rellum Centre Pin reel, I used a Drennen 4 No 4 Wire Stem Stick Float, set at around 3foot.
I trotted through various swims at various depths, didn't get a bite in the three hours I stayed. In the past I've had some very good sessions on the Bollin, also I've had sessions like this one, fishless, there wasn't a sign of a fish all day, nothing was topping, except for a fish that fell to the ultimate angler, The Kingfisher, I saw the bird take a fish, it then flew off at an incredible speed right over my head, what a beautiful site. I also saw two of the most beautiful Butterflies I've ever seen, they were a vivid Blue colour, almost the same colour as the Kingfisher I saw.
Although I caught nothing, I enjoyed the session the peg was pure Mr Crabtree (see photo's below) On a different day I'm sure I would have caught a few fish, but today it just wasn't to be!

Friday, 27 July 2012

Change of Plan for this Saturday

Tomorrow I'm going to have a go at Long trotting, something I've not done for years, I think it was twelve years ago the last time I Long trotted a river, haven't done it since I've lived in Stockport.
Long trotting used to be my chosen method of fishing the River Tame on Tiviot Dale stretch of the River Tame. I'll be using my John Wilson 13ft Trotting Rod and my beautiful silky smooth Centre Pin reel, both of these I received as presents for my 40th birthday, a long time ago now!
I'm off to the Bow Green Farm stretch of the River Bollin, on the Warrington Card, I'm not going too early, around lunch time. It's been quite a few years since I fished this stretch of river, I went for a look at it a few months ago, it had changed from what I remembered, so in all it'll be an interesting day

Monday, 23 July 2012

This Saturday

To my surprise I have this Saturday free, so I'm torn of where to go, I'm thinking of Rixton or Cicly Mill, Rixton is the more interesting, but Cicly is probably a better bet for conecting with a Tench, which for this weekend is my chosen quarry. Npt sure what to do, I'll have a think during the week.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

What has happened to the Bridgewater Canal

This is the third weekend in a row when I've fished the Bridgewater Canal, each weekend it's gotten worse, bites have been few are far between culminating in today when, I had a four hour session, getting two bites, landing one Roach.
I'm the first to admit that I'm not the most accomplished angler in the world, but this section of the Canal at Oughtrinton is normally guaranteed to proved you with a good days sport, but for the last three weeks I've struggled like never before. It could be the weather, it was bright and sunny, but I have fished here in similar conditions, catching a reasonable number of fish, it could be the cold wet summer we've had to date, maybe the dreaded Cormorants have been devastating the stocks of fish.
I'm going to give this stretch of the canal a rest for a month or so, maybe have a go at Cicly Mill on my next outing.
Below are some photos of where I was fishing, at least it was a nice place to waste a Sunday, anything rather that watch the Open Golf Championship on T.V.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Looks like summer has arrived

Just checked the weather forecast for the next week, at last it looks as though summer has arrived.
I finish work for three weeks on the 10th of August so I have a few sessions in mind, I fancy a full day at Cicly Mill hoping for a Tench or two,with luck get a session on the Bollin and a day at Rixton.
To celebrate the arrival of the dry weather I'm going for an afternoon/early evening session on the Bridgewater Canal tomorrow.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Inside my Fishing Box

Just added an independent leg set to my smaller Shakespeare Seat Box. In this I have my pole fishing tackle and Pike fishing Tackle, I'll use this set up on the Bridgewater Canal when I'm Pike Fishing, in the box is my stove,Baitrunner reel and my radio for when things are slow! and all the bits and bobs for a days fishing.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Another Session on the Bridgewater Canal

Had a short session on the Bridgewater Canal yesterday (Sunday) but the canal is not producing as I would have expected. The weather was slightly better than Saturday.
I had a nice Perch on the first cast, but after that fish were few and far between, I ended up with 8 fish, five Perch and three Roch. Once again I had a Pike rod out, I saw a couple of Pike attacks but didn't manage to connect with a Pike.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Session on the Bridgewater Canal

Arrived at the canal around 2pm, the weather was once again in and out but quite humid.
I was using my Pole and Red Maggot as bait, it was one of the hardest sessions I've had, bites were few are far between. It took 2 hours before I had a bite, in total I caught 4 small fish, 2 Roach and 2 Perch, I had a Pike rod out as well. Around 8 pm I was packing up, throughly fed up, when I had a take on the Pike rod see the video below, I must admit this is the worst Pike handling I ever done, I will never try to video myself handling a Pike again.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Five Hours on the Bridgewater Canal

Had a nice session on the Bridgewater Canal today, i fished close to the car park at Oghtrington.
The weather was in and out,had periods of heavy rain followed by bright sunshine. Early in the session the breeze was strong but once the evening arrived the wind died off completely.
I caught steadily all through the session, I was using my Pole, fishing the nearside drop off, using red maggots as bait I caught some nice Roach and nice Perch, see photos below
Finished off the session with this Pike, I'd had a Pike rod out all day with no luck, just as I was about to pack up my float went! and I was attached to this little beauty! it weighed in the region of four pounds.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Early Summer

I cant believe the weather so far this summer, it's been the worse I can remember. It's been so long since I've beeen able to get out for a session, I hoping next weekend will be better so I can 'wet a line'.
Not sure where I'll go but Rixton is favourite!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

First Pike of the Year

For the first time this year had a Walk Trolling session on the Bridgewater Canal, started at Oughtrington walk to the church stretch, caught nothing then walked back towards Agden Bridge. Got the slightest take I've ever had, which produced the smallest Pike I've ever landed, It can't have weighd 1 pound! see photos below.
The weather was dry but very windy, saw no one else fishing at all.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Freezing Day at Rixton

Over the years I've been fishing I've never had a colder more miserable day than I had yesterday. My wife dropped me off at 07.30, I got my favourite peg, no other bugger was daft enough to be there, the only problem was, my wife was going out for the day so I had to stay till she picked me up, which turned out to be 20.30.
By 09.00 I was shivering, the wind was cutting right through me, it didn't help that the fish didn't want to play either, it took till almost 10.00 till I landed my first skimmer of the day, caught on 6mm pellet. After sticking with pellet for 3 hours I switched to maggot, and the bites came thick and fast. I caught steadily for the rest of the day despite the conditions which included wind hail and torrential rain followed by thunder and lightning.
The highlight of a very bad day was a beautiful Roach of a pound in weight. I've still not seen a Tench this year at Rixton, but the weather has been strange, short warm periods followed by arctic blasts.
To make a miserable day worse, when I was cooking some Sausages I knocked the bloody pan over, dropping the Sausaged into some mud! so no tea either!

Monday, 9 April 2012

Having a Long Day at Rixton Tomorrow

I'm having a long day at Rixton Tomorrow. The weather is not looking good,just hope it's not as wet as today. I hope the Tench have come on the feed at last. I'll have a go for the Pike as well!

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Day of the Skimmer

I had an eight hour session at Rixton today. The weather was overcast and disappointingly cold, very different from the weather over the past week.
I fished my favourite peg on the opposite side to the car park. I fished with my Quiver Tip rod, I started off using six mm pellets on a hair rig using an open ended cage feeder. It took a while for the first bite to arrive but when it did I was rewarded with a splendid Skimmer of around  One Pound in weight, this was followed very quickly by an almost identical fish.
After the first two fish the action slowed down so I switched from the hair rig to a standard size 16 hook, fishing double maggot.
I then caught fish steadily for the rest of the day, I must have landed over twenty five fish, all Skimmers. I must be honest but I hoped the Tench would be feeding, I saw no evidence of Tench at all,none of the other Anglers caught one either. I don't think the weather helped, it was defiantly colder than of late, with a steady northerly breeze.
Fish aside, the highlight of the day was watching the various birds that live around Rixton, I spent the day feeding a Robin, I didn't realise just how territorial Robins are, I threw a steady supply of Maggots to the Robin throughout the day, he accepted the lot, if any other bird dropped by to share in the largess, the Robin wasted no time in chasing them off. There was a beautiful Tree Sparrow who enjoyed the Maggots I was throwing for them to eat, but if the Robin saw the Tree Sparrow he attacked him.
Tree Sparrow
Aggressive Little Bugger

Friday, 30 March 2012

Having a try for the Tench at Rixton

Going to Rixton tomorrow, hoping that the Tench have started to feed. With the warmer weather over the last week I have high hopes of connecting with my first Tench of the season. I'm sure the Skimmers will be on the feed. The weather forecast is for cooler conditions than of late but it should be dry, which at Rixton is always a positive!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Bad Day at Rixton

The weather forecast was dead right, it was awful, we had rain and hail. What made it worse, hardly any fish I stayed 3 hours with just one Skimmer to show for it. I tried different bait but they just weren't having it today. I fished one of the proper pegs near the car park, don't normally fish that side, won't do it again!

Friday, 16 March 2012

Another Trip to Rixton

I'm having another day at Rixton tomorrow, once again hoping for the Tench to have begun feeding.
It's not supposed to be a good forecast, I'll just have to shelter under my umbrella.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Ten Hours at Rixton

I had my first long session of the year, a full ten hours at Rixton.
The weather didn't live up to expectations, it was windy , mostly overcast with the odd bright twenty minutes thrown in between the cloud.On the way to Rixton we had some light rain, thankfully this stopped just as I arrived.
I fished on the opposite side to the car park, the same peg as last week,the second one from the road."On the way down to the peg I noticed a few Frogs "out and about", you can tell spring is well and truly on the way,all the trees and bushes are about to come back to life, after their long winter slumber.
I set up my Telescopic Feeder Rod with a Groundbait feeder, a hooklink of 3lb mono with a No16 Hook, using double Red Maggot as bait,I also set up my Pike Rod with Sprats as bait, just in case there was any Pike around.
I cast towards the the area where the Water Lilly's are, very quickly "bites" began to arrive, in no time I was landing a small Skimmer, I'm starting to get used to the "action" of my new rod. I managed to "hit" more bites than I missed. Small Skimmer after small Skimmer arrived,it was constant action right up to Lunch time. I landed two decent sized Skimmers, for which I needed the Landing Net.
After a Lunch of Sausages, very nice they were too! Bites slowed down, it was much slower after Lunch with only the occasional bite.
The Pike rod saw no action at all, I didn't see any Pike strikes, in fact the Lake was very quiet, it was only in the last hour before dark did I see any evidence of any of the larger species. There was a lack of any Tench or Carp Feeding bubbles all day.
There was a few other Anglers on the Lake, perhaps Seven or Eight, we all seemed to be catching the same "stamp" of fish.
I ended up with a catch of 19 Skimmers,2 of which were reasonable, 1 Roach, I was quite happy with the days sport.
I got myself in a much more comfortable position than last week, I used my Low Chair, with the rod on a Rod Rest pushed into the water, I was positioned so the Rod was resting on my leg making "Striking" much easier! , I think my catch bears this out.
Saw one or two unusual sights yesterday, saw a female Frog carrying a male Frog, obviously mating,also saw a "flock" of 5 Herons, never seen them in groups before,maybe they were "pairing up" for breading. 

Friday, 9 March 2012

Rixton Tomorrow

Going to have a day at Rixton tomorrow. I aim to get there around 08.30 then stay for the daylight hours.
I'm hoping the Tench have started to feed,The Bream, Skimmers and Roach were on the feed last week. I'll also have a Pike rod out.
The weather looks good with rising Barometric pressure.

Saturday, 3 March 2012


To help get me through the Long winter nights, I've decided to write a book. It's about my fishing adventures, how I came to fishing, some of the places I've fished, some of the people I've met and some of my most memorable catches. It's not ment to be be an instructional book I'm not that skilled. I've given it a working title of My Fishing Days and Ways. When it's ready, if anybody would like a copy let me know and I'll get one to you.

A Few Hours at Rixton

Isn't it typical, the last two days have been perfect weather, I have a day off and what happens, the heavens open!
Rain and wind greeted me as I arrived at Rixton today. There was only two other Anglers there when I arrived.
I fished on the opposite bank to the car park. I was using my Browning Ambition Telescopic Feeder Rod for the first time.I'm very pleased with the rod, it's easy to use, easy to set up, it registers bites very well.
It wasn't long until I started to get bites, but as I haven't fished for a while my reactions weren't what they should be. After two missed bites, I connected  with my first of three Skimmers, not big, but as my first fish of the Spring, they were very welcome. I was just glad to be able to get out and try my new rod.
I set up a Pike Rod, fishing a Float Fished Dead bait set up, but the Pike didn't put in an appearance.
Packed up around two o'clock
Renewed my Warrington Anglers membership at Baileys, £40.00 for a years fishing, what fantastic value. Must work out, about a pound per water!

Friday, 10 February 2012

Its Been Ages Since I've been Fishing

It's been such a long time since I've managed a fishing trip. Looking at the weather forecast, don't know when I'll get out again. In all probability it'll be during March, it's just such a long time to wait to try out out the tackle I bought at Christmas time.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A Session around Lymm Library on Saturday

After talking to a couple of people I'm going to give the area around Lymm Library on the Bridgewater Canal a try for the Pike on Saturday.I saw lots of Silver Fish caught there a couple of weeks ago, so if the Silver Fish are there the Pike shouldn't be too far behind.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Landing Net Arrives At Last

Just had Daves of Middlewhich on the phone saying my Fox Landing had arrived, I ordered it at the back end of November. I'll pick it up on Saturday. Picking it up myself will save me £10.00 on postage, I'll buy a few bits and pieces whilst I'm there.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Nothing Happening On The Bridgewater Canal Today

Went to Agden Bridge today on the Bridgewater Canal.
I fished for the Pike in a manor described on the Warrington Anglers Web Forum, one rod close to the moored boats and another rod close to the towpath just on the drop off to the boat channel. The weather conditions looked good, it was overcast with a slight wind and rising barometric pressure, despite all these favourable signs I didn't get a fish, or even see any evidence of Pike,I saw no attacks on prey fish, it was as if the canal was dead.
Another Angler had a dropped run earlier in the morning after 4 hours he gave up!
I think all the silver fish have "scholed up" in Lymm and that's where the Pike will be! Talking to chap on the Towpath, he said a couple of Jacks had been caught near Lymm Library this morning.
The highlight of the day was feeding a Pony in the field behind where I was fishing, the Pony liked Hob Nobs as much as I do!
I think I've finally got my box sorted now and everything in the correct place, it certainly makes fishing much easier.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Change of Plan for This Weekend

Had to change my plans for this weekend because of the weather, I was going up to the Wide Hole but because of  the wind, it's way to strong to fish such an exposed canal as the Macclesfield Canal, so I'm going to The Bridgewater Canal at Agden tomorrow, once again to fish for the Pike.
I'm going to use two methods, both of which are recommended in the Warrington Anglers Forum, firstly I'm going to fish a bait, tight to the moored boats, the other rod I will fish a rod length out, just in the drop off, to the boat channel. If nothing happens I move every 30 Minutes, be interesting to see what happens.
The weather forecast looks good, overcast, with a slight wind and rising barometric pressure, all the sighs look favourable, we'll see.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Wide Hole This Saturday?

I have to visit my Auntie this weekend who lives 4 miles from the Wide Hole at Poynton, so if the weather is kind to me I think I will have a few hours on one of my favourite waters.
I'll be targeting the Pike, as I use to in previous years.

Monday, 2 January 2012

A walk down The Bridgewater to Lymm

Just had a walk down the Bridgewater Canal took a Lure Rod and threw a few Lures around more in hope than expectation. A vicious wind was blowing,it was not very nice at all.
The most interesting thing was a match taking place in the middle of Lymm village, from what I could see everyone was catching. I saw a number of Skimmers caught and plenty of Roach. They're a hardy lot these match fishermen,it was freezing.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Sorted my Seat Box

As it's a horrible day I thought I'd try to get my seat box sorted so I can just grab it and go without having to search round for all the bit's and pieces I would need for a days fishing.
I have a Shakespeare Seat Box fitted with the additional Shakespeare Top box, which has four very useful side draws.
I have the Octoplus Leveling kit, to which I have an Umbrella Bracket and Feeder Arm Bracket fitted.To transport the box around I have the Octoplus Wheel Kit which comes with an extending handle
When I was sorting all my tackle I came across my collection of Stick Floats, I haven't used these for years. I had hours and hours of fun trotting stick floats on the River Tame, when I lived in Stockport. In the last eleven years I've trotted a float along a river just six times, I'm going to correct that oversight this coming year.