Sunday, 22 July 2012

What has happened to the Bridgewater Canal

This is the third weekend in a row when I've fished the Bridgewater Canal, each weekend it's gotten worse, bites have been few are far between culminating in today when, I had a four hour session, getting two bites, landing one Roach.
I'm the first to admit that I'm not the most accomplished angler in the world, but this section of the Canal at Oughtrinton is normally guaranteed to proved you with a good days sport, but for the last three weeks I've struggled like never before. It could be the weather, it was bright and sunny, but I have fished here in similar conditions, catching a reasonable number of fish, it could be the cold wet summer we've had to date, maybe the dreaded Cormorants have been devastating the stocks of fish.
I'm going to give this stretch of the canal a rest for a month or so, maybe have a go at Cicly Mill on my next outing.
Below are some photos of where I was fishing, at least it was a nice place to waste a Sunday, anything rather that watch the Open Golf Championship on T.V.

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