Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Pike Fishing the Bridgewater

Pike fished the Bridgewater for the first time in a while on Monday 19 July. Hit 3 Pike and landed one about 4lbs. Caught the fish using the walk trolling method, but discoverd Pike will take with a faster retive, I think the Pike are following the spoon and when you begin to wind in to re-cast the Pike must think they are about to loose a meal so they attack! and strike at the spoon. Had a bite on one of the soft rubber lures.
Will try again later in the week

Fly Fishing

Monday 13 July
Visited Clay Lane Trout Fishery. Very nice venue, good facilities. Only a small water but well stocked. Caught two Trout the first was 1lb and the second was 31/2 pounds, it gave a great fight and took some landing. Will visit this fishery again.

Fishing on Ibiza

Had a weeks holiday on Ibiza the fist week in June and of course took a telescopic rod with me. We went to a resort called Portinaxt very much like Cornwall, lots of coves, and rocks to fish from. The fishing was good caught lots of beautiful small multicoloured fish that would have looked at home in a tropical fish tank.
Using a piece of fish on a number 4 carp hook and a pike float with 15lb line I tried for somthing a little bigger and was rewarded with an eel, it was about 2 foot long and a beautiful copper colour. It had a fin running the whole length of it's body and a pointed head with an impressive mouth full of teeth, it gave a good fight.
It was nice to be able to fish in nice weather, wearing shorts and a tee shirt instead of the usual wet weather gear.
Next time we go there I would tale some lighter gear as I missed lots of bites.