Friday, 29 April 2011

Rixton What a Waste of Time

Arrived at Rixton at 6am noticed loads of cars parked outside,that should have warned me of what lay ahead, got onto the little used peg I've used before (this was the last one available). I had a small skimmer on my first cast,using a 6mm fishmeal pellet hair rigged. As I was about to cast in again a voice shouted from his hidden bivvie "watch where you're casting I've got two line's out there" right in front of me! what a pain, so that just about finished the fishing for me for the day, I couldn't cast so there was no point in staying.
On a fishery like Rixton it's seems unfair to allow two rods,and whilst I'm at it, how can they allow overnight fishing when there are no toilets, I've seen the results when these overnight fishermen leave and it's not nice,if fact it's unhealthy.
So what a waste of a day. I'll try again on Tuesday when with luck it should be quiet.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Having a Day on Rixton on Friday

I'm having a day on Rixton on Friday, I'm off work so I'll make the most of it, Sandra will be watching the Wedding on T.V. so I'll have the day to myself. Most of the work at home will be finished by then, so with luck, it'll be a Tench day!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Three Lost Lures and Only One Bite on the Bridgewater

Not much luck on the Bridgewater last night, We only had one take, it was a very small Pike, after a couple of seconds it came off. We also lost three Lures. There was a small boat rally on the Church stretch with lots of boats and people about, making lots of noise,playing loud music so the conditions were against us.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Try the Bridgewater Tomorrow Evening

Going to try the Bridgewater again tomorrow evening to see if we can connect with the Pike. There shouldn't be too many people around as the F.A. Cup semi finals are on T.V. I think we'll start with the Big 'S' plug then switch to the Abu Atom Spoon. It'll be nice if we can hit a couple more Pike.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Sucess on the Bridgewater

All four of us went down to the Bridgewater this evening but all the plaudits go to my youngest son, Richard, he landed two Pike, the first a small Jack of about three pounds (see photo). He then went on to land a rather better fish of about Eight pounds (see photo) We also managed to video the larger Pike.

The First fish was caught on an Abu 35gram Atom Spoon in a Pearch patern the second was caught on an old Shakespeare Big 'S' Plug that belonged to my father, he would have been delighted.

Heading Off to the Bridgewater for a Couple of Hours After Tea

Going to finish off my leave with a couple of hours on the Bridgewater after tea. Going to throw a few spoons around to see if we can attract a Pike or Two, you never know what might turn up,I've had sucess at this time of year before so it's worth a try!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

First Sesion of the Season On Rixton

Had a good session on Rixton on a beautiful Spring day. Rixton was very busy, most pegs being used. I fished using a Hair Rig using Fishmeal Pellets alternating with Sweetcorn. Took an hour to get going but once I started getting bites they kept coming all day. as this was my first session of the season my reactions were not as fast as they should have been, I landed one Tench and six Skimmers, if I had landed all the bites I would have doubled that number. The weather was stunning and very warm for April, I have sunburned arms. I started off using a bite alarm but moved onto a Quiver Tip, I'm very pleased how the day turned out, considering it was my first session of the season. Apologies for the quality of pictures, I think my camera on my phone was set up wrong. I also noticed an awful lot of fry leaping out of the water, this was happening all day so it looks as if the predators were feeding up after a long winter.