Friday, 29 April 2011

Rixton What a Waste of Time

Arrived at Rixton at 6am noticed loads of cars parked outside,that should have warned me of what lay ahead, got onto the little used peg I've used before (this was the last one available). I had a small skimmer on my first cast,using a 6mm fishmeal pellet hair rigged. As I was about to cast in again a voice shouted from his hidden bivvie "watch where you're casting I've got two line's out there" right in front of me! what a pain, so that just about finished the fishing for me for the day, I couldn't cast so there was no point in staying.
On a fishery like Rixton it's seems unfair to allow two rods,and whilst I'm at it, how can they allow overnight fishing when there are no toilets, I've seen the results when these overnight fishermen leave and it's not nice,if fact it's unhealthy.
So what a waste of a day. I'll try again on Tuesday when with luck it should be quiet.


  1. I have been unfortunate a couple of times to get there at 6am only to have to walk nearly to the bottom corner to get a peg. the two rod rule is ok i think as long as its sensible i fish 2 rods on there all the time, float fish and a sleeper rod, if it had been me id of said somthing like fish in front of your own peg!!. to many people cast there rods out without a thought of the peg next to them and other people suffer tis a joke!!. i was going tomorrow going to give it a miss now will go either cicily or woodshaw now.

  2. Well you tried, I was expecting to see a lot of fish on the blog after you said you were having a day on that water, You went and tried your best, It may just be down to the spawning,
    Hope you bag up on your next outing,
    Good luck,