Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A Session around Lymm Library on Saturday

After talking to a couple of people I'm going to give the area around Lymm Library on the Bridgewater Canal a try for the Pike on Saturday.I saw lots of Silver Fish caught there a couple of weeks ago, so if the Silver Fish are there the Pike shouldn't be too far behind.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Landing Net Arrives At Last

Just had Daves of Middlewhich on the phone saying my Fox Landing had arrived, I ordered it at the back end of November. I'll pick it up on Saturday. Picking it up myself will save me £10.00 on postage, I'll buy a few bits and pieces whilst I'm there.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Nothing Happening On The Bridgewater Canal Today

Went to Agden Bridge today on the Bridgewater Canal.
I fished for the Pike in a manor described on the Warrington Anglers Web Forum, one rod close to the moored boats and another rod close to the towpath just on the drop off to the boat channel. The weather conditions looked good, it was overcast with a slight wind and rising barometric pressure, despite all these favourable signs I didn't get a fish, or even see any evidence of Pike,I saw no attacks on prey fish, it was as if the canal was dead.
Another Angler had a dropped run earlier in the morning after 4 hours he gave up!
I think all the silver fish have "scholed up" in Lymm and that's where the Pike will be! Talking to chap on the Towpath, he said a couple of Jacks had been caught near Lymm Library this morning.
The highlight of the day was feeding a Pony in the field behind where I was fishing, the Pony liked Hob Nobs as much as I do!
I think I've finally got my box sorted now and everything in the correct place, it certainly makes fishing much easier.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Change of Plan for This Weekend

Had to change my plans for this weekend because of the weather, I was going up to the Wide Hole but because of  the wind, it's way to strong to fish such an exposed canal as the Macclesfield Canal, so I'm going to The Bridgewater Canal at Agden tomorrow, once again to fish for the Pike.
I'm going to use two methods, both of which are recommended in the Warrington Anglers Forum, firstly I'm going to fish a bait, tight to the moored boats, the other rod I will fish a rod length out, just in the drop off, to the boat channel. If nothing happens I move every 30 Minutes, be interesting to see what happens.
The weather forecast looks good, overcast, with a slight wind and rising barometric pressure, all the sighs look favourable, we'll see.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Wide Hole This Saturday?

I have to visit my Auntie this weekend who lives 4 miles from the Wide Hole at Poynton, so if the weather is kind to me I think I will have a few hours on one of my favourite waters.
I'll be targeting the Pike, as I use to in previous years.

Monday, 2 January 2012

A walk down The Bridgewater to Lymm

Just had a walk down the Bridgewater Canal took a Lure Rod and threw a few Lures around more in hope than expectation. A vicious wind was blowing,it was not very nice at all.
The most interesting thing was a match taking place in the middle of Lymm village, from what I could see everyone was catching. I saw a number of Skimmers caught and plenty of Roach. They're a hardy lot these match fishermen,it was freezing.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Sorted my Seat Box

As it's a horrible day I thought I'd try to get my seat box sorted so I can just grab it and go without having to search round for all the bit's and pieces I would need for a days fishing.
I have a Shakespeare Seat Box fitted with the additional Shakespeare Top box, which has four very useful side draws.
I have the Octoplus Leveling kit, to which I have an Umbrella Bracket and Feeder Arm Bracket fitted.To transport the box around I have the Octoplus Wheel Kit which comes with an extending handle
When I was sorting all my tackle I came across my collection of Stick Floats, I haven't used these for years. I had hours and hours of fun trotting stick floats on the River Tame, when I lived in Stockport. In the last eleven years I've trotted a float along a river just six times, I'm going to correct that oversight this coming year.