Sunday, 8 January 2012

Nothing Happening On The Bridgewater Canal Today

Went to Agden Bridge today on the Bridgewater Canal.
I fished for the Pike in a manor described on the Warrington Anglers Web Forum, one rod close to the moored boats and another rod close to the towpath just on the drop off to the boat channel. The weather conditions looked good, it was overcast with a slight wind and rising barometric pressure, despite all these favourable signs I didn't get a fish, or even see any evidence of Pike,I saw no attacks on prey fish, it was as if the canal was dead.
Another Angler had a dropped run earlier in the morning after 4 hours he gave up!
I think all the silver fish have "scholed up" in Lymm and that's where the Pike will be! Talking to chap on the Towpath, he said a couple of Jacks had been caught near Lymm Library this morning.
The highlight of the day was feeding a Pony in the field behind where I was fishing, the Pony liked Hob Nobs as much as I do!
I think I've finally got my box sorted now and everything in the correct place, it certainly makes fishing much easier.

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  1. Hi lpp,
    Dont believe everything you read on forums, I can tell you from my expirience that you will on occasion catch a good pike from where the barges are but most of the better fish are roaming around looking for there prey, Just for fun try fishing well away from where the boats are, The Moon is right the Barometer is right, Got to be a fish out there with your name on it,
    All the best,