Saturday, 7 January 2012

Change of Plan for This Weekend

Had to change my plans for this weekend because of the weather, I was going up to the Wide Hole but because of  the wind, it's way to strong to fish such an exposed canal as the Macclesfield Canal, so I'm going to The Bridgewater Canal at Agden tomorrow, once again to fish for the Pike.
I'm going to use two methods, both of which are recommended in the Warrington Anglers Forum, firstly I'm going to fish a bait, tight to the moored boats, the other rod I will fish a rod length out, just in the drop off, to the boat channel. If nothing happens I move every 30 Minutes, be interesting to see what happens.
The weather forecast looks good, overcast, with a slight wind and rising barometric pressure, all the sighs look favourable, we'll see.

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