Friday, 26 August 2011

Ground Bait from Aldi

Just been shopping with my wife to Aldi whilst in the shop I noticed they were selling Ground Bait.

At under 3 quid I thought I'd buy a couple. I'll report back how I got on with it and if it improved my catches!

Hoping to get to the Wide Hole on Tuesday

I'm hoping to go to the Wide Hole on Tuesday, It,s been years since I fished here. When I lived in Stockport I fished here more than anywhere else, it's where I caught my first pike and a few years later my biggest Pike of 16lbs.

The wide Hole is a part of the Macclesfield Canal. It's actually the none towpath side of the canal, the none towpath side of the canal subsided due to miming and flooded an adjoining field, it's only about 3 feet deep, but it's full of fish, with a good number of pike and large numbers of Bream.

If I can't get to the Wide Hole it'll be Rixton again!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Failed on the Bridgewater

Nothing happening on the Bridgewater this afternoon. The canal was full of crap, every time a boat went past all sorts of rubbish was churned up, the Spoons and Lures were constantly covered in crap, I think I'll give the Bridgewater a miss until the boat traffic has died off when the Autumn comes.

New Stove

My brother gave a Coleman single burner stove, it's the most compact stove I've seen,it boils my kettle in just over 1 minute, it's incredible.

The best things about it are, the cartridge is resealable so you take the burner off the cartridge, then put the cartridge inside the kettle,also the arms fold together and then the burner goes inside a pouch that came with the stove, it's incredible! it saves me a lot of room in my rucksack.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Good Session at Rixton

Had an afternoon and evening session at Rixton today.
Very slow to begin with, in fact it took over an hour for thr first bite to arrive.
I was using my feeder rod with a hair rig set up alternating between Fishmeal pellets and Sweetcorn. I began to catch small Skimmers, each one I caught was bigger than the previous one.
At 7.00pm the Quiver tip flew round, I thought I was into a Tench, although the fish felt heavy it did'nt put up much of a fight, when I got the fish to the net I was amazed to see the biggest Bream I've ever caught, it weighed over 4lbs (see the photo's below) I put the kettle in the photo to give some scale

I must be honest I was targeting the Tench, I could see plenty of Tench bubbles they never took any of my baits.

Rixton was looking good this evening,I was amazed to find I had the place to myself.

Might have a Pike session on the Bridgewater tomorrow.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Rixton Tomorrow

Going for an afternoon and evening session at Rixton tomorrow,the weather looks not too bad,the family are off to the cinema so I should have a good 7 hours targeting the Tench.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Rixton Pike

During my in forced absence from fishing I've been thinking about the Pike in Rixton, I've never heard any reports about them, but I'm sure there is a head of Pike in Rixton. I caught a small Jack Pike a few years ago, I pulled a wobbled dead bait along the margins and it was soon snapped up.
Earlier this year I saw lots of evidence of Pike attacking shoals of fry. I think in the the future I'm going to have a sustained effort and try to see just whats in the Claypits.

Monday, 1 August 2011

It's been a Long Time

It's been ages since I last went fishing, I'm hoping towards the end of August, I'll be able to start again,probably the bank holiday week will see me back at Rixton. I also have five days leave left to take before the end of September,so I'll be using those as Fishing days!