Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Rixton Pike

During my in forced absence from fishing I've been thinking about the Pike in Rixton, I've never heard any reports about them, but I'm sure there is a head of Pike in Rixton. I caught a small Jack Pike a few years ago, I pulled a wobbled dead bait along the margins and it was soon snapped up.
Earlier this year I saw lots of evidence of Pike attacking shoals of fry. I think in the the future I'm going to have a sustained effort and try to see just whats in the Claypits.


  1. from fishng there this year for tench and roach i did see a few swirls. like you say close to the margns would be the vest place to start, very deep n places close in and lots of cover.


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  2. You never know your luck lpp, Its always worth trying, You may just surprise yourself,
    The bigger Pike that i am catching are still taking dead baits ?,,
    Good Luck,