Sunday, 10 April 2011

First Sesion of the Season On Rixton

Had a good session on Rixton on a beautiful Spring day. Rixton was very busy, most pegs being used. I fished using a Hair Rig using Fishmeal Pellets alternating with Sweetcorn. Took an hour to get going but once I started getting bites they kept coming all day. as this was my first session of the season my reactions were not as fast as they should have been, I landed one Tench and six Skimmers, if I had landed all the bites I would have doubled that number. The weather was stunning and very warm for April, I have sunburned arms. I started off using a bite alarm but moved onto a Quiver Tip, I'm very pleased how the day turned out, considering it was my first session of the season. Apologies for the quality of pictures, I think my camera on my phone was set up wrong. I also noticed an awful lot of fry leaping out of the water, this was happening all day so it looks as if the predators were feeding up after a long winter.


  1. Hi lpp,
    A couple of really good fish there, Are they from a place local to you, Bet it was nice for you to feel the dsun on your skin again,
    Well done,

  2. top fish them, really like reading this blog live right next to thte bridgewater in runciorn and grew up fishing it. i have been fishing t=rixtoin alot recently since the rivers closed with some success. keep up the good work!!.