Saturday, 31 March 2012

Day of the Skimmer

I had an eight hour session at Rixton today. The weather was overcast and disappointingly cold, very different from the weather over the past week.
I fished my favourite peg on the opposite side to the car park. I fished with my Quiver Tip rod, I started off using six mm pellets on a hair rig using an open ended cage feeder. It took a while for the first bite to arrive but when it did I was rewarded with a splendid Skimmer of around  One Pound in weight, this was followed very quickly by an almost identical fish.
After the first two fish the action slowed down so I switched from the hair rig to a standard size 16 hook, fishing double maggot.
I then caught fish steadily for the rest of the day, I must have landed over twenty five fish, all Skimmers. I must be honest but I hoped the Tench would be feeding, I saw no evidence of Tench at all,none of the other Anglers caught one either. I don't think the weather helped, it was defiantly colder than of late, with a steady northerly breeze.
Fish aside, the highlight of the day was watching the various birds that live around Rixton, I spent the day feeding a Robin, I didn't realise just how territorial Robins are, I threw a steady supply of Maggots to the Robin throughout the day, he accepted the lot, if any other bird dropped by to share in the largess, the Robin wasted no time in chasing them off. There was a beautiful Tree Sparrow who enjoyed the Maggots I was throwing for them to eat, but if the Robin saw the Tree Sparrow he attacked him.
Tree Sparrow
Aggressive Little Bugger


  1. 25 Simmers is a good outing considering the weather you had and the time of year when everything is supposed to be spawning, And look at what your doing your fishing and twitching at the same time, Multi tasking Fisherman,
    Nice one,

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