Saturday, 3 March 2012

A Few Hours at Rixton

Isn't it typical, the last two days have been perfect weather, I have a day off and what happens, the heavens open!
Rain and wind greeted me as I arrived at Rixton today. There was only two other Anglers there when I arrived.
I fished on the opposite bank to the car park. I was using my Browning Ambition Telescopic Feeder Rod for the first time.I'm very pleased with the rod, it's easy to use, easy to set up, it registers bites very well.
It wasn't long until I started to get bites, but as I haven't fished for a while my reactions weren't what they should be. After two missed bites, I connected  with my first of three Skimmers, not big, but as my first fish of the Spring, they were very welcome. I was just glad to be able to get out and try my new rod.
I set up a Pike Rod, fishing a Float Fished Dead bait set up, but the Pike didn't put in an appearance.
Packed up around two o'clock
Renewed my Warrington Anglers membership at Baileys, £40.00 for a years fishing, what fantastic value. Must work out, about a pound per water!

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