Friday, 17 August 2012

Rixton Tench,Afternoon & Evening Session

Had a very good session at Rixton Yesterday, the weather was windy but it was a very mild wind. There was varying amounts of cloud.
I began around 2pm, using my Browning Ambition Telescopic Feeder Rod with a hair rig set up, alternating between Pellet, Sweetcorn and Luncheon Meat. The first bite wasn't long in coming, once again, it was one of the what seems like thousands of Skimmers Rixton is full of! I continued to make contact with the Skimmers for the rest of the afternoon, sport was steady throughout the day, with periods of inactivity.
Obviously I was hoping to make contact with the Tench ,which Rixton is famous for, I'd all but given up hope of one of the mythical Tench when around 6pm my tip flew round, how I missed it I don't know, but miss it I did, it must have been a Tench. Although a missed bite is annoying it does fill you with confidence, so I decided to stick it out till dark.
I was fishing my favourite peg on the opposite side to the car park facing the large bed of Lilly's I noticed as time crept on and darkness was closing in, definite signs of feeding Tench, so I concentrated on my casting trying to keep it as accurate as I could, concentrating on a definite area.
At 8.30 my tip flew round, I was on, there's no mistaking a Tench, the fight was powerful and long, a couple of times I thought the Tench would get to the overhanging bushes and smash me but I managed to slip the net under it, I'd done it, my first Tench for over 18 months.
Once I'd unhooked the fish and released it, as quick as I could I re-cast to the same spot, as soon as I put my rod down the tip flew round, I was in to another one, if anything this Tench fought harder and longer but I managed to persuade the fish to see things my way, gently slipping the net under what must be my second favourite fish, the Pike being my first, but defiantly my favourite Summer species.
These two Tench were the biggest fish I'd landed on my telescopic feeder rod, I was pleased the way the rod felt and handled the fish.
See below for a rather poor photo of one of the Tench.

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