Thursday, 30 August 2012

Eight hour Session at Rixton

Had a long session at Rixton today, starting around lunch time through till 20.30, the weather alternated between threatening clouds and bright sunshine, although the temperature was very disappointing.
Sport was slow in starting, but once again the ever dependable Skimmers saved the day. It took till around 2pm before I caught my first fish, my casting was all over the place today so I was scattering goundbait all over instead of concentrating it in one small area. Just couldn't concentrate today.
There was little evidence of the Tench feeding during the day
Up to the end of the session I caught Five Skimmers all around One Pound. As the light began to go the Tench began to come on the feed, at eight o'clock I hit in to a good tench of around three pounds, which was a good end to the session.
I saw the usual array of wildlife for which Rixton is rightly famous, Kingfishers, herons and a huge Rat.
Rixton Looking Beautiful

My one and only Tench

A Nice Skimmer

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