Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Three Afternoon & Evening Sessions at Rixton, With Rain and More Rain

Spent Saturday, Sunday & Monday Afternoon and early evenings at Rixton, the conditions on all three days were appalling, never have I fished in August in such heavy and continuous rain, the Clay Pits were a quagmire, all my gear was filthy, and I do mean filthy. I had to completely wash everything I took with me before putting it away.
On the positive side the fishing was good, I caught some nice Skimmers of over a pound in weight, but more importantly I managed to catch a Tench on each visit, Including my biggest ever Tench of six pounds.
I used a Hair Rig set up using Sweet Corn, Spam and Fish meal pellets, this set up seems to be the definitive set up on Rixton. I managed to keep my casting fairly accurate so my groundbait was kept to small area thus concentracing the fish in a smaller area.
All the Tench were caught in the last hour of each visit, just as darkness was falling, I'd forgotten just how powerful a fight they put up, my Telescopic Feeder Rod was bent double, it felt wonderful fighting with my favourite summer species.
The tench I caught tonight had the most awful growths on it's head, to be honest it looked like the Elephant man, I was in two minds weather to knock it on the head but it was feeding so it cant have been too ill, it put up a splendid fight!
As I'm off for the next week I'll have a couple more sessions before I return to work, I had hoped to get on the Bollin, but in these weather conditions it would have been unfishable.

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