Saturday, 12 November 2011

Failed at Rixton

Failed Today At Rixton. The Conditions were very bright and clear with hardly any breeze. Used the same tactics as last week, fishing the same peg.
I had one take, close in. I saw a Pike strike, so I cast at it, the take was instant, I gave it my standard 5 seconds, picked the rod up to strike, but the fish had let go! That was the end of the action.
The worste part of the day was loosing two floats, at nearly £3.00 ago thats a bit expensive!
Thinking about why I didn't catch, the Bait I was using wasn't the best quality, and the weather conditions weren't brilliant for Pike fishing. The main reason I think why I didn't catch was I wasn't wearing my lucky cap!
The day wasnt totally wasted, as the fishing was, at best slow, I decided to try some of the special effects on my camera on my phone see below.

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