Sunday, 6 November 2011

My Plan for Pike at Rixton Worked

My plan for Pike from Rixton from earlier this year was put into practice this afternoon.
I used Float fished Sprats (bought from Warrington Market yeaterday, £1.00 for half a pound). I fished close in to the margins, after a couple of hours my float started to run across the water, I gave it 5 seconds then struck and I was "on".
It's been ages since I float fished Dead Baits and seeing the float slide away was as big a thrill as it always was.
The pike weighed aproximatley 5 lb, it was as long as the baby changing mat I was using as an unhooking mat.
There was hardley any other anglers on the Clay Pits today, it was a beautiful bright still day, not the best conditions for Pike, but half the pleasure of a session is just "being there" and it could'nt have been better.

Sorry about the quality of the Pictures they were taken on my Mobile Phone and the Light was poor

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  1. Haha great fun lpp, And the pictures look like they were taken in the seventies, And the Baby's changing matt what a great idea, I love it,
    Well done,