Saturday, 19 November 2011

Sucess At Rixton

Caught another Pike at Rixton today. I was on the next peg down from where I usually fish.
I used Float Fished Smelt as bait.

It was a cold day. I intended to use a roving approach, but once I settled into the peg I caught on I didn't fancy moving.
The peg I fished was very muddy, so all my gear is covered in mud, I'll have to clean it up tomorrow.
The fish I caught weighed between 3&4lbs, it has beautiful markings on it's tail and fins.
Lost another bloody float, got to improve my Casting!
The Clay Pits are looking beautiful at the moment.

Apart from 3 other anglers I had the place to myself.Thats three good wekends on the run I managed to get out for a few hours, which is great for November,it can't last much longer!

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