Saturday, 19 September 2009

Best Tench Session To Date

Had the best Tench sesion ever at Cicely Mill, using the method recommended to me last time I fished the mill(and struggled).
I used my Shakespeare Telescopic Pike Rod, Shimarno Baitrunner Reel and most important of all, P.V.A Bags.
I used a small inline bomb, and a size 10 Barbed Hair-rig. For bait, I used a 10mm Hallibut Bollie. In the P.V.A bags I used a mixture of 3mm pellets and crushed Hallibut bollies.
I used my Bite Alarm I bought years ago, and never used. I also used the Fox Chair I also bought years ago and hardly ever use.
I started to fish at first light. I fished at about 40 yards out (for me, quite a distance), and was into a fish within half an hour, a nice Tench of about 4lbs. By 10 o'clock I'd had 3 Tench and had missed a couple. I then caught two more before lunch (one just as I was frying some Bacon).
After lunch it went very quiet, just one run, which I missed, I then had another fish, at about 4 o'clock. I also had a couple of fish on! but lost them (not sure why I lost such a number, I'm begining to think the hair was too long). Between 5 and 7 o'clock I caught 2 more and lost a couple,
The smallest fish was a female of 2lb's and the rest were all male's between 4 and 5lbs.
I rearly enjoyed the day, it was mild with a slight wind and the occasional sunny spell. Cooking my lunch was also very nice, as warm food is much better than sandwiches any day! Having hot coffee on tap is also very civilised.
That was probably my last 'long day' of the season, as the nights are 'drawing in' now and I have alot of work at home in the next few months.
I'm starting to draw up a list of things to make my fishing more sucessful next season, I think I will try to target Tench next season, and try to get to grips with Rixton Clay Pits, as it's close to home.
One mistake I made, (and will eliminate) was when I saw Tench bubbles, I cast towards them so by the end of the day, I had cast bait all over the place. I will try to concentrate my casting to just a couple of places thereby keeping my groundbait in just a couple of places and hopefully will also concentrate the fish in the same couple of places.
I know I will have to improve my casting accuracy.

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