Sunday, 16 May 2010

15 May 2010 Rixton Clay Pits

Had my best session of the year so far.
Arrived at 07.00 and fished the 3rd peg from the car park(same as last week). I fished two rods,my old Quiver Tip Rod and a sleeper rod on the pod trying for the Tench.
After only 30 minutes the sleeper rod went off and I was into a reasonable sized Skimmer, I then started getting bites on the Quiver tip,it's a long time since I'd used the Quiver Tip rod, so I was out of practice and I missed most of the first bites but after an hour or so I caught a nice Skimmer,the first fish on that old rod in years!
At last the Tench arrived, I had a smashing fight with a Tench of about 4lb and about half an hour later an Identical sized Tench gave me an incredible fight,taking me into the bushes a couple of time and it was staying deep for what seemed an age, but I managed to slip the net under it!
The rest of the day was spent on the Quiver Tip rod and I managed to speed up my reactions and connected with some beautiful Roach and some more small Skimmers
The rig I used on the Quiver Tip rod,was a version of the Helicopter Rig I've seen used in Carp fishing, I used it with a small Maggot feeder.
I had a Robin sat in a tree close to me for a while, so I started feeding it Maggots, it came very close to me to take food,then flew too it's mate and fed her the Maggots
Unfortunatly about 2.00pm I started to show signs of a Migraine starting, as I was on my own and in the car I had to leave and get home before the symptoms became to bad for me to drive.
On the whole it was a smashing day and I can't wait for my next trip out.

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  1. Well done lpp, Sounds like you had some top fishing with the Old rod as well, I think tip fishing for tench is great sport, I dont rate that helicopter rig myself, But it does produce good catches for my friends, I use the loop system as i find this more accurate, Sorry to hear you suffer with the Migraine's, Hope you are feeling better,
    Best Regards,