Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Ice Free Stretch of The Bridgewater Canal

Had 20 minutes on the Bridgewater in Lymm village. There is a 200 yard ice free stretch just before you go under the road bridge into Lymm village. I didn't expect to catch, and I didn't! Saw Chris and Anne just as I arrived at the canal bank, they had walked to Lymm from Dunham, had a pint in Lymm and were heading back.

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  1. Hi, Thanks for looking in on my blog "Paddy Pike", I have been reading your reports, And the way you got into fishing, I think its great how fishing got you hooked, But what i like most in your write ups, Is the real enthusiasm whether you catch or not, The only advice i can give you as you get into carp fishing propper is, Try not to become what is known as a tackle tart, I speek from expirience, It ends up were going fishing is like moving home haha, Keep the reports coming though, I will add a link for all those that read my blog, Can click to read yours,
    All the very best,