Sunday, 3 January 2010

This coming Year

This year I’m going to try and fish in a more organised manor. I’m going to target particular fish at certain times of year.
If this year is the same as last year I will target the Pike on the Bridgewater in the late winter and early spring, looking back at my posts from last year, I started fishing for the Pike in March, and had some success.

Reading ‘Franks column’ in the last couple of week,s it seems the match anglers have had quite a few Pike attacks during their matches around the Dunham area so I’ll give that ago as well as the Oughtrington area, where I did well last year.

Once the Spring arrives I’ll switch over to the Tench, in both Rixton and Cicley Mill. Both these waters are full of fish, but Rixton is beautiful, and quiet, where Cicley Mill is also beautiful it does have the planes from the airport flying low overhead and they are very loud.

I’m going to have my gear packed and ready to go at a moments notice, so I don’t have to mess about looking for my gear. I’m also not going to bother with a flask, I’m going to carry a stove with me at all times having hot drinks on tap is much nicer than a flask

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