Thursday, 11 March 2010

River Bollin

I've been thinking about giving the River Bollin a try next season. I passed over what looked like a very nice piece of the river on Saturday last, when I was Pike fishing on the Bridgewater at Dunham.
I don't know if a club controls this section, I'll try to find out.
This section near Dunham would be nicer than the stretches that Warrington Anglers control, simply because there would be no road noise.
I've had some good fish from both the Warrington stretch, and the Bay Malton stretch of the Bollin, so it could be well worth spending a few sessions on this stretch. I've had good Trout and a few small silver fish, but reading some of the forums, there have been reports of some good size Chub and Perch and plenty of them. The reports are mainly from the Wilmslow section of the river, but there's no reason why the Dunham section shouldn't be the same.
Looking at the photo, it looks like this could be a smashing Trotting swim, using my waders, I could be in the middle of the river, and using my Centre Pin, glide a float right through the middle of the swim.
Looking at the swim, I think I could use my fly rod to try to temp a few fish, that would be nice!.

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