Sunday, 7 March 2010

Saturday 6 March Dunham Massey and Oughtrington

I thought I'd give the Dunham Massey stretch of the Bridgewater a try. A cold overcast day with a slight breeze. I did'nt get a touch in either Dunham Massy or Oughtrington, but I did see a pair of Kestrels hunting around the narrow section of the breach at Dunham, it was great to watch them swoop down on their prey.
I had a look at the River Bollin where it passes under the canal, I'll give that a try next season.
Bought a new Landing Net from Decathlon, but the mesh was too fine and would easily get snagged when using Lures or Trebble Hooks, so I transfered the actual net from the Landing Net we broke last week onto the new Landing net body. The new landing net extends futher than the old one did.

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