Monday, 30 March 2009

Another Trip to the Bridgewater

Returned to fish the Bridgewater Canal for Pike, this time with both my sons.
Richard had the first go, just before Lloyds bridge a Pike went for his spoon but let go. About 20 minutes later, at the end of the church stretch, his spoon was grabbed by a Pike of aprox 2lb, he handled it brilliantly, he did'nt panic, and reeled it in what a star!
We were using a cut down rod my father built, but it was a little too short so we changed to my fathers Fox Pike rod.
We then walked back towards the carpark,and just as I was passing under Lloyds bridge I was well and truly grabbed,it was obvious it was better fish than we had from the Bridgewater. The rod doubled over and the fish shot off, I managed to get it under control and we landed it, a beautiful 8lb Pike in pristine condition.
This is the second Pike caught on the Mackrel soft plastic lure with it's long flowing tail.
The one downside of the evening was we lost the spoon we had caught 5 of our previous Pike on.
Both the spoon and Mackrel soft plastic lure have a lot of Red colouring, so it would seem Red is the way forward
We fished from 16.30 until 19.30, only 2 fish but a good trip.
The weather was overcast with a slight breeze

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