Saturday, 28 March 2009

Bridgewater Canal Saturday 28 March 2009

Using the 'Walk Trolling' method, fished the Bridgewater Canal from Oughtrington through Lymm village. Myself and Owen caught four Pike between us.
The first three on a spoon and the last one a soft plastic Mackrel lure(my first fish on a soft plastic Lure). The first two were about 4lb the third was a small one at just about 1lb and the last one was about 2lb.
The final pike was a spectacular take it leapt out of the water and onto the lure.
The weather was overcast and at times windy and felt cold. We started fishing at about 3.15pm and fished through untill 7.00pm .
Whilst unhooking the first pike, the dam thing bit me on my thumb, it took an age for it to stop bleeding.
Disaster at the end of the day I broke my Spinning rod, the last section just snapped.

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