Sunday, 22 March 2009

First Pike From The Bridgewater Canal and First Pike On A Spoon

Ever since I joined Warrington Anglers I've tried, each time I fished the Bridgewater Canal to catch a Pike. I've tried all methods, Deadbaiting, Lures and Spinners. This evening for the first time I've been sucessful, using a spoon I caught a Pike, not a monster it weighed about 4lb. I wobbled a spoon about three feet out. This was also the first Pike I'd caught on my spinning rod(which I bought 15 years ago). I started fishing at 17.00 at Oughtrington and walked down to the turning hole just before Lymm. It was bright but windy and starting to get cold. I hit the Pike at 18.oo aprox. I'll definitely try wobbling a spoon again.

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