Saturday, 24 April 2010

Is The use of Bait Boats In The True Spirit Of Fishing

I was on Rixton Clay Pits today and saw a Carp angler using a Bait Boat (see photos). Is this fair,is it in the true spirit of angling?

I can understand why the Carp anglers use them, to get their baits into dificult swims and swims which are outside casting distance.

I can't help but think it must disturb the rest of the anglers and their swims, to have a remote control boat running around the water!

This boat I saw today was a fantastic piece of kit,it had a sonar fitted,so the angler could see the contors on the bottom of the lake,and judge the most likley fish holding areas.It also charged it's batteries by solar power.

I'm not sure I can't see myself using one but you never know!


  1. I think if you go carping in some hard to get to places, And you can afford such a thing as remote controled bait boats, I think they start at about £300, Then if it improves your catch rate all well and good, And if you dont catch anything, At least you can play with the boat haha

  2. suprised you didnt see any at moore quarry last time i went it was like a regatta lol, top blog mate keep it up niice to read a local blog of waters i fish.

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