Saturday, 24 April 2010

Rixton Clay Pits 24 April 2010

Arrived at 05.30, A beautiful morning, only a couple of anglers on the pit (see video below), Carp anglers who had been there overnight.
Tried P.V.A. bags with no sucess, tried Quiver tipping using Maggots and caught 1 Pearch. I then tried float fishing,gave it until 11.30 then gave up and went home.
I can't understand whats happening, no one was catching, and there was a few much more experienced anglers than me on the pit today, and they strugled, not sure what to try next, I'll give it some thought in the coming week .
That's two weeks running,when I was fishing good quality waters, I along with every other angler strugled to catch. This time last year I was catching lots of Tench at both Rixton and Cicely Mill,this year is so different!

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