Friday, 28 January 2011

Have You Ever Seen Smaller Pike!

These must be the smallest Pike I've caught to date! These three Pike were caught in the River Shannor in Ireland, using trolled surface Lures. The biggest one must have weighed at the most one and half pounds. It was a very wet day in July 2007, we were fishing close to Clondra,
County Longford. I caught Five Pike in total, all as big as these, My Brother Adam was in the boat,he did'nt get a bite.
This is Adam with a better Pike, he caught a few months later from the Shannon

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  1. All the story's you hear about massive Pike from Ireland are very true, But they also have seasons like this where you cant get past the small stuff, We used to use the very small ones as live bait, You can get some good results with them,
    Well done though, Catching is better than blanking haha,