Sunday, 23 January 2011

My Best Pike day Ever

These photos were taken on 7 June 1999 at the Wide Hole on the Macclesfield Canal. This was my best days Pike fishing.The Pike in these photos was my best Pike to date, it weighed 16Lbs.

Everything I tried on this day worked, I had 7 Pike in total, in 4 hours, if only every Fishing day was like this, but then again if it was this easy, as it was on this day, we'd soon get bored!
If any member of Warrington Anglers is reading this, you must give the Wide Hole a try,it must be one of the best water's on the Warrington Anglers card.
During the summer it's full of Bream,and on one occasion, I witnessed a mass Carp breading, I've never seen anything like it, the water was like a washing machine the Carp were churning it up so much.
There's a good number of Pike, mostly Jacks with the odd double figure one thrown in for good measure!
The best thing about this section of the Canal is, because of the subsidence that caused the Wide Hole there is NO boat disturbance.

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  1. Must be a great spot the wide hole, I have had similar days over the years, But they are very rarem,
    Well done that man,