Saturday, 3 December 2011

Bridgewater Canal Lloyd's Bridge

Today must have been the worst conditions I've fished in for years, High winds, driving rain and very cold.
I fished at the moored boats at Lloyd's Bridge,fished two rods hard on the bottom, one with Sprat, as bait, the other with Smelt as bait.
Just as I arrived the rain started, it was coming down horizontal, been driven on by a driving wind, which made casting interesting.
After an hour the float of the rod with Sprat as bait began dancing across the surface, as I was fishing over depth the float didn't go under, but moved across the surface, this rod was my fathers Fox boat rod, which to be honest, the handle is a little short and not really suited to casting dead baits from the bank.
I managed to land a little Pike of about 3lbs.
That was the end of the catching for today, I moved around to quite a few different swims but no runs materialised.
The conditions were very much against me today, so I think landing one Pike was a good result considering!
No photo's today as I was so cold I was shivering when I took the pictures of the pike and photos I have are very blured!

These are the boats I fished close too.

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  1. Haha thats a hard days fishing lpp, Nothing worse than being cold and shivering, But to catch a pike no matter what size is a good result, You deserve a medal mate, Well done for useing the fox boat rod,
    Bet your near the fire tonight haha,
    All the best,