Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Pike Fishing Bridgewater Canal 28 December 2011

Arrived at Lloyds Bridge after an interesting journey, I got stuck behind a foreign lorry which had been following instructions from a Sat Nav, and turned in to a very narrow country lane, which, as it needed to reverse out of the narrow lane caused chaos and delayed me by twenty minutes.
Once I got to my peg it became clear today wasn’t going to be easy, due to the weather conditions, it was very bright , very cold and very very windy.
I fished hard on the bottom, to start with I used Smelt as bait. I fished as close to the moored boats as possible. It was a good hour and a half till my first run arrived, the float started to dance across the surface, I gave it the standard 5 seconds then struck, the Pike was on for a few seconds then it spat the bait out, frustrating, but that’s Pike fishing, I re-cast to the same spot hoping the fish was still there but it didn’t take it again.
The Smelt was well and truly chewed up so I changed to a Sprat.
Twenty minutes later the float began it’s dance across the canal , this time I managed to hook the fish properly and after a short fight I slipped the net under a Pike of 3 to 4 pounds. This was followed by one more Pike, a slightly smaller specimen of 2 to 3 pounds.

All three of Pike, the two I landed and the one that got away were hooked in a two hour period between 12 and 2 pm, I beginning to wonder if the theory of Pike have a defined feeding time is a fact. Over the years I’ve caught Pike the afternoon has always been my most productive time.
I saw more people along the bank of the Bridgewater Canal than I’ve ever seen before, there was so many dog walkers and cyclists, must all have been trying to work off the Christmas excess!


  1. Thats a good result lpp but as you made the vidio i cant but wonder why you never went further up to your left where the trees are along the opposit bank it looks like a more productive spot to me, So if you ever fish there do another vidio as it gives a better perspective of what the spot is like, I know you had 2 and a dropped run but nearly always from under the boats they will be low in weight,
    Well done on a great catch,
    All the best,

  2. Hi Paddy I know what you mean about those trees,the only problem is, under those trees it's very shallow, obviously the boats never get over there so over the years it's silted up and the Bridgewater is never dredged! Over the years I've only ever had one pike from near those trees.